Thursday, 18 March 2010

Character Design- Colour and Sketches

This was another attempt to get my character in it's environment. Plus thanks to Phil I now have an idea which I want to work with. The idea is if the hat stand was a female one then it could be covered in coats, hats and other items. It sees herself in the mirror and is unhappy because she thinks she's fat. Then as time goes by the items of clothing are taken of and she sees herself in the mirror. she is astonished to see that she's not fat at all but has a lovely body for a coat stand.

With that idea in mind I then drew my hatstand as to how I imagined her to look. The one on the left is what she'd look like without all the hats and coats etc and on the right, how she'd appear laboured down with all the garments.

This is just another drawing of my character. I remember Godwin suggested I make it as simple as possible so I removed one or two details. However I'll move the ring in the middle where the umbrellas go down a little so it rests more where the hat stands 'hips' could be.

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