Monday, 22 March 2010

Jan Svankmajer, Brother Quay and Jiri Barta

Today we watched Jan Svankmajer, Brother Quay and Jiri Barta. All three have a very similar uncanny feel about the animations. Although there is a slight difference in technique. The Brother's Quay tend to focus more on the environment that the audience can relate to rather than an understandable narrative.

Where as Svankmajer and Barta tend to have a narrative within their animations as well as a readable environment.

As mentioned in before in previous posts I have also seen Jan's version of 'Alice'. When I first watched the film, I did wonder what on earth he was thinking. However although it doesn't follow the story 100% accurately it is easy to grasp the context of the film. Although I do also wonder how long it took him to animate some of his ideas. Especially during the one where the different figures eat each other into smaller pieces at a time.

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