Friday, 26 March 2010

Character Design- Female Hatstand

have gone back to develop my character more and to try and convey what gender my object really is. Before my hatstand was neutral and didn't really 'show' a gender. Because my hatstand is supposed be really pretty and beautiful at the end of my story I looked at a few pictures of Jessica Rabbit. This was so that I could apply the 'hourglass' female body figure to my hatstand.

The drawings of my female hatstand. I still feel the chin isn't right though.


  1. Hi Charlotte - yeah, at the moment there's something a bit 'insect' or 'ant-like' about the head; the centre drawing on the second sheet does 'read' as female though; and, regarding her base, go for something narrower and demure - also, I'd suggest too that making her 'hands' smaller and more refined would help things too...

  2. Yeh I was thinking about that. I'll give it a go.