Saturday, 13 March 2010

Emotional Hat Stand

A simple turn around of my character so far.
More experiments with trying to show emotion without using a face.

For these drawings I was trying to show emotion using shadow on the top of the stand. It's as close to applying a 'face' to the hat that I want to have.

Another idea I had was that the hat stand finds a box. the box opens (I need to work on how it would) to reveal a new hat. The hat stand puts the new hat on and spots itself in the mirror. It's astonished to see its reflection.


  1. Hey Charlotte - just a thought, but I'm wondering if the other kind of hat-stand - the kind that can include coats, scarves etc - might give you more to work with in terms of narrative?

    Also - I think it's great you're wanting to set-up a story seminar; I'll be around in the afternoon - tutorials with third years in the baseroom office - so maybe I can contribute too...

  2. Hi Phil

    Yes, was wondering about that to. i'll look into it and try and see what comes to mind with the other type of hat stand. And thanks :)

  3. hay something about the faces reminds me of that episode off of Doctor Who, in the library
    like it xxx

  4. Thanks, Ohhh what's it called with the dude shouting out 'Hey who turned off the ligths?'